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From 24 to 26 September 2024, we will be exhibiting at Fachpack in Nuremberg: HALL 7, STAND 7-625. Fachpack is an important landmark for the packaging industry and its users in Europe.

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ESD protection with ERGO-line

The ideal, voltage-free workstation is in an ESD protection zone, i.e. all materials in this zone are conductive.
Read here about the advantages of ESD workstations from ERGO-line.

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ERGO-line application areas
Packing tables for dispatch logistics

packing table solutions; from the fully configured packing table to the customer-specific solution.

ERGO-line application areas
Assembly tables for industry

Assembly workstations based on individual workstations with a wide range of accessories.

ERGO-line application areas
ESD tables for the electronics industry

ESD solutions for companies. All table frames, accessories and transport trolleys have a conductive powder coating.

ERGO-line application areas
Assembly lines for assembly systems

Planning production lines flexibly with standard components saves time and money.


Under the brand "ERGO-line," Kern Studer AG develops modern ergonomic workplace systems that meet the highest standards of ergonomics, functionality, and flexibility.

Our workplace systems stand out for their exceptional quality, offering optimal and customized workstation design. Various needs such as height-adjustable workstations, mobile workstations, universal workstations, linked workstations, ESD-safe work environments, as well as robust assembly workstations or workbenches, are all covered by our ERGO-line system. This includes specialized solutions like packing tables and assembly tables:

Packing Tables: These tables are specifically designed for the efficient and ergonomic packaging of goods. They feature integrated cutting devices, dispensers for packing materials, practical storage surfaces, and ergonomically designed work areas. With height-adjustable options, the tables can be tailored to the individual working height of employees, reducing physical strain and increasing efficiency.

Assembly Tables: These tables are intended for precise and comfortable assembly work. They offer a stable and ergonomic work surface that can be adapted to the specific requirements of assembly processes. Equipped with various accessories such as tool holders, lighting solutions, and anti-static mats (ESD), assembly tables enable optimal organization and accessibility of tools and materials. The height-adjustable options ensure an ergonomic working position, enhancing productivity and work quality.

Our system includes more than 1,000 standard items, providing maximum flexibility for the modular design of workstations, perfectly tailored to your company's specific needs.

We supply companies across various industries with our workplace systems, including manufacturing, assembly, inspection/control, and shipping logistics. Benefit from a comprehensive workplace system that simplifies your operational processes and optimizes your procurement processes.

In addition to our extensive standard range, we also offer customized workplace solutions for a variety of applications. Our experienced team of engineers and designers works closely with you to develop tailored solutions that perfectly fit your specific requirements and workflows. From planning and production to installation, we provide a comprehensive service ensuring that your new workplace systems meet your expectations in every aspect.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the ERGO-line workstation systems from Kern Studer AG?
The ERGO-line workstation systems meet the highest standards of ergonomics, functionality, and flexibility. They are height-adjustable, mobile, and offer specialized solutions such as packing tables and assembly tables. These systems promote employee health and increase workplace efficiency.

What types of workstations does the ERGO-line system offer?
The ERGO-line system includes height-adjustable workstations, mobile workstations, universal workstations, linked workstations, electrostatic discharge (ESD) workstations, assembly workstations, and workbenches. Each type is designed to meet the specific requirements of different work processes.

How can a height-adjustable packing table improve the packing process?
A height-adjustable packing table from ERGO-line offers numerous features and accessories, such as integrated cutting devices and material roll holders. The ability to adjust the working height individually minimizes physical strain and significantly increases the efficiency of the packing process.

What makes the ERGO-line assembly tables special?
ERGO-line assembly tables are designed for precise and comfortable assembly work. They offer stable and ergonomic work surfaces that can be adapted to specific assembly processes. Equipped with accessories such as tool holders and ESD mats, they allow optimal organization and accessibility of tools and materials.

How flexible is the ERGO-line modular workstation system?
The ERGO-line workstation system includes more than 1,000 standard items, providing high flexibility for modular workstation design. This flexibility allows workstations to be tailored precisely to the specific needs of the business.

Which industries benefit from ERGO-line workstation systems?
ERGO-line workstation systems are used across various industries, including manufacturing, assembly, inspection/control, and shipping logistics. They are ideal for companies looking to make their workstations more ergonomic, functional, and flexible.

Does Kern Studer AG also offer customized solutions?
Yes, in addition to its extensive standard range, Kern Studer AG also develops customized workstation solutions. The team of experienced engineers and designers works closely with clients to develop tailor-made solutions that perfectly match specific requirements and work processes.

How can I learn more about ERGO-line workstation systems?
Contact us today to learn more about our ERGO-line workstation systems. Our team is available to advise you and help make your workstations more ergonomic, functional, and flexible



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